I Feel Old

My daughter recently pulled the polymer clay back out. She had seen the adorable babies a friend made for her Barbie and she decided to make one for herself. Then she made the cutest little hamburger charm.

I thought I would surprise her with a few books on making polymer clay food and miniatures. I ordered them late night. The next morning when I surprised her with my “awesome” news, she informed me that she had already been watching tutorials on YouTube. She had written down several search phrases that she memorized the spelling of to make things faster and she had several artists “favorited”. She is definitely a child of the Internet age. I feel old.

Here are some of the things she made:

Mint chocolate chip ice cream cone

Layered cake

Cake with a strawberry on top



Ice Cream Sandwich

Waffle with butter, syrup, and berries

Doll pencil

Doll kit


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