More Knights and Castles

Today we continued with our medieval theme. We watched a few movies on the feudal system, knights, and castles on Brainpop and on Discovery Streaming.

The kids also built wooden castles out of blocks and then fortfied them with armies we printed out from the “Junior General” website.

Then each kid got a plastic spoon catapult and a stash of marshmallows to fling at the other castle and its defenders. There was some frustration, but also some celebration, when soldiers were knocked down from the towers. I helped keep both sides supplied with ammo.

Eventually things turned into a big marshmallow fight using hands instead of catapults.

Somewhere during all of this we talked about the defenses that castles had like drawbridges, moats, portcullises, wooden doors, beams for locks, boiling oil, archers, etc. It made good sense to come up with a weapon that could launch things over a wall and attack without your army needing to get past all of those things.


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