Computer Game Design Course

My son is continuing on with the video game design course we got. He has completed three modules and is ready to move on to the fourth. The course is well designed IMO. Each module has a video portion that explains the topic and a video portion that walks you through specific design choices while you switch back and forth and do the work inside the game design software. There are intermittent quizzes, a code challenge where you need to fix broken code, and a final quiz about the module. This format seems to be a great fit for a 10 year old.

Potions and Milkweed

The neighbor kids came over today and the girls split off and headed out to the yard to find ingredients for a potion. They came back in with a container full of berries, grass, sticky leaf stems, and a really neat, soft pointy pod. I thought it might be milkweed, so to Google images and Wikipedia we went.

I was right! We looked at the plants and talked a tiny bit about Monarch butterflies and then they moved on with their potion.

In progress…they added vinegar, corn starch, paint, and baking powder to the plant mixture.

Wonderful Wallaby

I finished my son’s birthday present ahead of his birthday this year without staying up until 4:00 in the morning!

I wanted to make him something he would wear so together we picked out a pattern and yarn. The pattern is the Wonderful Wallaby and the yarn is Comfy from Knit Picks in the Hawk colorway. I made a size 12 which is quite big for him because he asked for it to be big so it would last a long time. The instructions were great and it came out soft and squishy. He put in on when he woke up and didn’t want to take it off.

I think I am going to add a drawstring by the neck to help it stay up when needed.

Science Kit

I got the kids a bunch of science kit stuff a few months ago and we only did a few experiments before they were tucked away. Today, we pulled them out again.

The first thing my daughter explored were the “Baby Soda Bottles”, literally the stuff that is expanded to make 2 L. plastic bottles. The info. about them said they were virtually indestructible if kept away from high heat or flames. She wanted to test that by dropping and throwing them. So far, no damage, lol.

Next we moved on to an actual experiment about polymers using a growing gator. The kids each traced around the little guy before adding warm water and they will be measuring his progress over the next few days.

After just a few minutes, he was looking kinda hairy.