Two New Card Games

We have recently tried out 2 new math card games that the kids enjoy.
Each one plays similar to “Blink”, where the deck is split evenly among players and you race to get rid of all of your cards onto a “play” pile.

“Speed” was created by a homeschooling family and lets you choose what number you want to use to practice the multiples. There are decks for the numbers 2-9. Within each deck are 40 cards, 5 of each multiple. You must play 1 card higher or lower than the ones in the “play” piles. There is an extra rule with this game as there are 2 “play” piles and whenever the cards in them are equal, you can shout out “Speed”. The other player picks up the piles and adds them to the bottom of his/her stack. The kids love to do this to me!

“7 Ate 9” is a game for practicing adding and subtracting. Each card has a large yellow center number and a smaller number in the corners that you add or subtract (1, 2, or 3). Everyone plays at the same time trying to find a card in their hand that matches either equation on the “play” pile.


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