PA Trip Day 2

Today we got up early for the hotel breakfast and headed off to the Carnegie Natural History Museum and Art Museum. We spent over four hours at the Nat. History Museum and were too tired to check out the Art Museum half. The Museum was really great. The kids both enjoyed checking out the exhibits and we got lots of one on one attention from the staff as the place was nearly empty.

Both kids agreed that this hands-on paleontology pit was the best attraction in the museum. There are replica skeletons of ancient mammals and dinosaurs encased in soft rock that the kids actually got to work on with chisels and brushes. They learned that it isn’t as easy as it looks!

The staff shared lots of specimens with us and we got to look through the boxes that are normally sent out to schools. We got to touch and compare lots of different animal pelts. It was amazing how soft the sea otter fur was. I expected it to be more coarse, like a beaver’s.

We took a break for lunch and then checked out animal exhibits from around the world, the Egyptian display, Native Americans, the Polar regions, and finally the hands-on Discovery Room in the basement.

Heading out through the sculpture garden. My son wanted to be “The Thinker”.


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