We received a large package in the mail this week and the kids immediately claimed the box. After taping the end shut and cutting a door, it quickly became a rocket ship when on its end and a car and a coffin when it was laid flat. This led to scurrying to find the dress up clothes to become a vampire and then a skeleton. It also led to talk of Halloween costumes 🙂

It is now set up with a blanket and pillow inside. My son likes it for a “getaway”.

Tinker Toys for Yarn

I bought some yarn to start another sweater for my daughter because I am so smitten with the designs of one of the designers on Ravelry. This one will be a “Cinnamon” by Elena Nodel.

I don’t usually buy yarn that needs to be wound before use so I don’t own a swift. In the past I have just had the kids put their arms out to keep the yarn behaving while I wound it. Today, I followed an idea I saw on a blog to build one out of Tinker Toys.

My son took charge of construction and in no time we had a working, spinning swift. It needed a few adjustments to keep the pieces tight as I am sure some of these pieces are older than me. In the end, I had 3 beautiful cakes of yarn.

My son hung out and built while I worked 🙂

Here is a blog with great pictures and instructions for making your own. It is a little bit different from mine, but serves the same purpose.

Akron Zoo

We headed to the zoo for a quick trip with friends on Saturday. It has been almost 2 years since we last went and a few things have changed. One thing was the new carousel. It is pretty darn cool with all the different animals that you can choose from.

We got to see most of the zoo before it started raining.

The girls really enjoyed the touch tank. There were 2 kinds of rays, a shark, and horseshoe crabs.

They are Alive!

We have 2 baby Triops 🙂

I was worried the kit might not work because, let’s be honest, sometimes these type of kits just plain don’t.

Our cool plant kits from Easter have only produced 2 plants out of 6. I still water the mossy dirt regularly, just in case they still might grow.

These pictures are really just to have pictures in this post…the babies are so tiny, it might be a few days until I can get a good shot of them.