Magic Tree House Books

A few years ago we read and listened to some of the Magic Tree House books. The kids liked the stories and so did I. I also appreciated the variety of settings and people that the main characters visited.

This year, I decided to revisit the books and use them for a themed backdrop for some of our learning. My goal is to find interesting books, movies, games, puzzles, stickers, etc. that go along with each book. I am also planning on trips to museums, zoos, science centers, and more as well as hands on experiments and art.

This will also be the first time the kids and I will be using notebooking. We will each have a binder for storing written stuff as we go along plus photographs of the things we do and places we go.

The kids have each really enjoyed having their stories and art saved in the past, so putting their work where they can easily get it to read and share sounds like a good idea.

I have started a binder for myself to keep ideas, printouts, and trip info. for each book handy. That way, I can easily add things to sections for the future if I stumble upon good resources.


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