Summer Days Sweater

When my daughter and I watch Hulu together, I often look at knitting patterns on Ravelry to fill in time during the commercials. She enjoys picking out all the things I should make 🙂

She pointed out some cute sweaters one night and I decided I should try to make her one. We picked the bolero sweater with poofy cap sleeves. She picked out a great yarn that goes well with many of her dresses. Then I did it…I made a sweater for her!

I made a few modifications like making it slightly longer and not including buttons. She really didn’t want buttons!

One of her pins seems to hold it closed just fine.

Doll Shoes

Apparently, I am out of the loop enough to not have heard of “Toms” before now. They are some kind of slip-on canvas shoe. However, the 18 inch doll world connects me with such fashionable things through my daughter. This time we found a pattern to make doll “Toms”.

They were not the easiest things to sew and it shows in the final result. My daughter likes them though and I have learned from my mistakes on this pair, so any future pair should come out better. We left off the signature slanted toe pieces because my daughter didn’t like the look of them.

The great part is that Natalie (my daughter’s doll) can stand on her own now because the shoes are flat and sturdy.


J’s dad turned 60 on Saturday. To celebrate, we headed out to Dave and Buster’s for food and fun. The food was fantastic and everyone enjoyed playing the games.

4 person Pac Man.

Sketch photo booth.

Neat whack-a-mole type game that was vertical and 2 player. You race to hit the lights.

Truck dump. My daughter won it twice 🙂

“21”. She also won the jackpot on this one.

There were lots of tickets to spend from all the games. The kids picked out prizes. My son bought “Spidey” , a green spider, and my daughter bought a “Pikachu” and a monkey she named “Mud”.


When I was out with a friend a few weeks ago, I picked up a kit from the clearance section of the bookstore. It was a kit to make plush aliens . When I opened it, it was not what I was expecting; I thought it was going to be pre-punched felt shapes to sew together to make the monsters on the box. Instead I found a rather nice book and a stack of a few basic supplies- felt squares, safety eyes, and a bit of fiber fill.

I shared the book with the kids. My son had been asking to sew again (thus my picking up the kit in the first place). He loved the book and immediately picked out an alien he wanted to make. My daughter decided to focus on other projects.

Getting the pattern enlarged and printed was not fun for me. To get started right away and try to avoid a copy shop, I resorted to using tracing paper, a scanner, an imaging program, and our printer. After much trial and error to print them the right sizes, I had to tape the pieces together to make the patterns.The box shows cute, little aliens. The book contains many larger aliens. To make them, not only must you enlarge all the patterns, you also need to buy fleece or felt large enough. This led to us going out anyway to make a trip to the fabric store to pick out colors of fleece.

Luckily, things were much easier from here on out. My son cut out the fleece shapes, learned how to use the sewing machine again, and did the body sewing with minimal help from me. I did sew the mouth part because zippers in tiny spaces are a bit tough. He did the body stuffing and then we closed him up.

His name is “Marble” because you can tuck coins or marbles in his mouth.

Late Night Games

My daughter and I played a bunch of games late night. We started off with some math games from this book.

We tied with the boxing match game. The goal is to fill in all your numbers while rolling two 6-sided dice. For the first 4 turns you use the sum. After that, you can use either of the individual digits or their sum.

This game uses two 12-sided dice. You roll, add them up, and then add OR subtract 1. The goal is to cover 5 spaces in a row like Tic Tac Toe.

The first time playing this one, she got 5 in a row with her first 5 rolls!

This time the game lasted longer and I got to use lots of neat buttons. You can definitely see the way the probabilities play out on the boards; very few dice rolls made it into the first or last rows of numbers.

Then we played Zooloretto.

Then she posed and showed off her dress, lol.


We met up with some friends at the local school today so that our kids could try out kickball. It was a whole bunch of chaotic fun and the kids want to try it again. I didn’t get any action shots because I was either playing or helping a kid during the kickball part of the night. Afterwards I did catch a few shots when the kids were hanging out and then rolling down the hill.

The girls played in the sand too.

Bonus shot of my son cuz I managed to miss him in the rest of the pictures.