Finally Another Plant

The second of our 6 special plant “Easter eggs” has finally started growing. It is the prehistoric fern 🙂
I am hopeful that this means the other seeds may someday grow too! There is a layer of green slimy moss on top of a few of them.


Monster Physics

My son and I checked out a new app while the others were at the movie. It is called “Monster Physics”. You get to build contraptions to solve puzzles. We had lots of fun with it after we mastered the screen navigation… It has a very intuitive user interface and the puzzles are interesting. We made 2 separate players so we could each do the levels and compare our solutions. It is made by the same designer as “Stack the States”.

You can also create your own stuff free form. My son made a claw game.


The cousins came over! There was lots of wild swinging in hammocks.

My mom took a bunch of them to see “Brave”. This is the girls showing how scary it was:


Dweebies is off to the Printer

The cards that my daughter and I have been working on are finally finished! We made 30 different designs to create our own “Dweebies” game based on the store-bought version. They are now uploaded and sent to the printer where they will be turned into a deck of custom playing cards.

Here is the back for the cards.


Paper Wasps

When I went to get the local paper from our box, I found this attached to it.

It led to lots of questions from my son, so we hit the internet and took pictures.

Here are close up pictures of ours. You can see the eggs and larvae.

Here is the way it was held to the paper on its little stalk.

While we were outside observing we saw lots of animals including a bunny that came up behind us and a duck that landed on our roof.



My kids have been playing some of the Play-doh board games lately. Today, they invited friends to join in. Then some of them moved on to making stuff and then destroying them in the manner of Annoying Orange…”Knife!”

Some made animals and salads and fake poop.



I love this game! It is a rummy-type game where you draw and discard cards while trying to go out by making high scoring words using all your cards. There are 8 rounds, starting with 3 cards each and then each round you add another card until you play with 10 each. The kids and I don’t keep score but we do add up the points.