Our Battle Game Gets an Update

The kids decided we should draw together last night and we wound up making cards for our battle card game. We made the game beginning when my son was 4 and it has been added to sporadically ever since. What began as a way to play with dad’s cool D&D dice transformed into a way for us to draw, write, imagine, and play together.

Last night we added 2 new heroes, a butterfly and a wizard. We also added 2 new opponents, Nessie and the super tough Letter Champions.

My daughter also drew Hulk, but she isn’t sure if he is a hero or a monster or for a different purpose entirely.

Today we played the battle game. The new guys worked out great!

Here is the game set up and some of the cards. The board is made up from shuffled cards and the goal is to make it from the start to the castle without dying.

We use dry erase markers to cross off HP.

Here are the monsters we have created over the years.

These are our heroes.

These are the hardest monsters.


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