Important Things

I had a good, long talk with my daughter the other night about my parenting. She pointed out that I often say I will do things, but then take a long time to get around to doing them.

I decided my parenting could use some help, so I have started to ask the kids to prioritize the most important things they need from me. So far, this has been very beneficial.

My daughter picked her 3 biggest things she wanted me to tackle this week. First, we went for an eye exam for her and ordered glasses. This had been put off because she is not really struggling and life got in the way. Second, she wants me to work on installing the carpet squares in the basement as I told her she could have friends over for a dance down there. Yesterday we bought the metal ruler to make the cutting possible. Third, she wanted me to finish sewing a shirt we had started together a few months ago. Today-It is done!

I used the same approach with my son to find out what was most important to him. Last night, it was getting back to playing games together at night. We played “Apples to Apples” as a family. He also chose to do the first chapter in the programming course he asked for. Today he chose to play our homemade battle card game. We played twice and had a blast!

I am hoping that by encouraging them to tell me their priorities, I can focus on what is most important instead of getting overwhelmed with the beginnings of lots of things and leaving them feeling like I don’t listen or worse that I don’t care enough to follow through.

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