We headed out early for my grandmother’s funeral and wound up near the church a bit early. We decided to hit the donut shop for a quick bite. While we were there, a gentleman pulled up in a Ford Model-T!

We talked to him for a bit about it. It was built in the 1920’s and he inherited it in 1955. He refinished it twice. The wheels have wooden spokes and the tires cost $120 apiece. The gas tank is under the seat, so everyone has to get out to refuel. There are three pedals and it drives similarly to an automatic. One of the pedals is for reverse! He was more than happy to let the kids get in and see it and let us take a bunch of pictures. He even started it up and showed us the horn. It made the “ahhwoogah” sound you sometimes hear in cartoons 🙂

It was really neat to meet him and get to see such a cool car.


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