It All Started With 50 Cents

The kids and I have been playing all day together and enjoying lots of new things. It started with 50 cents and a trip to the grocery store. Yesterday, my daughter and I went shopping for groceries together. While I was in the check out, she hit up the toy machines with the coins she brought. She got a few things including this plastic transformer that she gave to her brother. It was 50 cents.

This was super timing because he has just gotten into the old Transformers show on Netflix. It inspired him to look for his other transformer toys in his room.

While he was digging those out, he found an old plastic toy called a Crazy Bone. He used to get them at the toy store when he was little. This set us on a search for the other Crazy Bones. This was a big job because they were mixed into his big blue bin. It contains all the random toys, jewelry, found items, etc. that he has collected over the years. So…We dumped it out to search.

We found foreign coins.

We found dice.

And we found 6 Crazy Bones!

This led us online searching for how to play with them. There are lots of games resembling jacks, shuffleboard, marbles, and more. The kids and I tried out one where you bounce the Crazy Bones and try to get them to land inside an open box. They had such a great time, we headed to eBay to seek out a few more.

For a bit, we played with the random toys from the bin and then my daughter headed off with an idea and some found rubber bands…to create this:

It sounded pretty good. Then she asked for J’s guitar. We had been looking into getting her one for her birthday, so it seemed like a good time to try it out. I had been checking out a few guitar books on Amazon for her, so I was able to flip right to some chords and showed her how to read the charts. We both liked it although J’s guitar is a heavy beast! My son came in and played too 🙂

Then it was back to Crazy Bones for a sliding game called “on the line”. You take turns sliding and try to end on the line or closest to it. We made up rules that on the line was 2 points, closest was 1 point, play to 10 points.

Time for dinner. Hopefully our evening will be just as fun!

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