Outdoor Fun

We spent a bunch of time outside today.

We started off with a chalk version of the game “Flip 4”. We altered the rules a little bit to make it more full-bodied and fun…we took turns coming up with silly body motions for each round like hopping on one foot or doing jumping jacks before throwing our beanbags on the number we rolled for. On our turns, we rolled 2 dice, then added, subtracted, or multiplied the digits and then did the action and threw our beanbag onto the right square. We each got 4 beanbags and the goal was to get 4 in a row. Once all the beanbags were in play, we needed to pick 1 to move each time until someone won.

Hopscotch was up next. It was harder than I remembered.

My daughter came up with a chalk game for us to play with Squinkies.

We found a caterpillar too. It is in my daughter’s bug box.

Neighbor kids came to play and we headed for the trampoline and then had a bonfire.


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