Nature Art

The kids and I went for a walk this week, gathering up supplies from nature to paint with. We found neat flowers, leaves, seed pods, and more. When we got home we set to work. My idea was to make colored, textured papers to be cut up later like in Eric Carle books. I thought it would fun to focus on just colors and designs and not worry about painting a specific thing. While we were painting, the neighbor boys came and joined us. We made a lovely, colorful bunch of stuff 🙂

Life Of Fred

I had heard about a set of math books called “The Life Of Fred” for a few years, but was waiting until both kids had mastered multiplication to start with the “Fractions” and “Decimals” ones (as is recommended). Recently, I learned there were now 10 elementary level books available! I ordered the first 8 so far. The books are great! They are chapter stories written about a five year old named Fred who is a math teacher at KITTENS University. As he goes about his day, he encounters math in all sorts of circumstances and also learns about the things and people around him. At the end of each chapter, there are a few short questions to answer before moving on. My son loves the story, is cool with doing the problems, and says he is going to read them all 🙂

My daughter’s pages…she can’t help doodling.

My son’s pages. He likes to make them exciting with extra stuff as well 🙂

Thrift Store Finds

After my daughter’s dentist appt. last week, we hit the thrift store with a 50% off coupon. We scored a bunch of shorts for three of us, shirts for her, a book, 2 games, and a physics kit.

She and I explored the book and one of the games and had a blast. She is really good at the history game. It was surprising to me as I didn’t expect her to have heard of most of the events yet. She even guessed the exact year of the first International Olympics!


My son is teaching my daughter how to play Minecraft. She hasn’t really shown much interest before tonight. Now both kids are thrilled… He is so happy to be showing her how to do things and she is excited to be with him and learning how it all works. So far they made a skin for her character, mined some stuff, built a house, and went over the controls.