Some of the apps the kids currently like are “educational apps” according to the apple store.

BrainPop has expanded it’s offering by adding all the videos and quizzes from the website to what was a “video of the day” app. You can choose from different levels of subscription or if you already subscribe to the website version, it is free.

My daughter has been enjoying a flashcard app. with me. You can create your own cards or import Quizlet cards directly into the program and edit them if you wish. The app. keeps track of how many you miss and sorts them for review.

My daughter also really enjoys an app. about art. You can search or browse by artists, see their work, learn about their lives, and connect to online sources for even more info.

An app. both kids have enjoyed is called “more food buffet”. You get to choose countries off the globe and create food from different cuisines. The program let’s you “build” sushi rolls, enchiladas, hamburgers, and more from the basic ingredients. There are built in challenges that let you open more locations as well.

I just discovered a spelling app. that lets you create custom lists and record yourself saying the words for later practice/ testing. So far it looks pretty cool.

I am impressed with all the possibilities. We also have streaming video available from the Smithsonian Channel, Discovery Channel, PBS, and more.

iPod Games

We have recently been playing some games on the iPod that we have played in the past in other formats. I thought I would share some of them.

First is the mobile version of Ticket to Ride. You can play against computer opponents, against someone in the room with pass and play, or via wifi.

Further down are Scribblenauts, Tangrams, Zooloretto, the Amazeing Labyrinth, Mad Libs, Mancala, and Backgammon.

Scratch Lessons

My son has been asking for structured “Scratch” lessons so he can make more advanced projects. I found a great website with 10 “task cards” (that I printed out) and links to videos on “Teacher Tube”. He has been hauling through them and is already on number 5. So far, the projects have included movement commands, changing the way sprites look, loops, costumes, backgrounds, x and y coordinates, speech commands, pen control, and more.

80’s Night

Tonight is the last “Tween Night” before we head back to Ohio. My daughter is psyched about the theme which is “80’s Night”!

We dug through her clothes to find something usable and then hit up Target for leg-warmers and lip gloss.
The earrings are mine from the 80’s and the bracelets and make-up are from our dress-up stuff. She likes her hair up on top of her head and her nails are bright neon colors.

She is so excited!

3D Dot Game Hero

My son saw some pretty neat videos of a game for the PS3 recently. It looked so interesting that we decided to pick it up.

The game is called 3D Dot Game Hero and is fashioned to resemble an old fashioned Zelda Game with a super cool feature- you can build and edit your own characters.

My son set to work right away building his first character, later dubbed Mr. Tree. The editor was intuitive for him and he quickly figured out what to do.

His second character is a lightning princess fairy, called Ms. Pica in honor of Picachu (for the ears). The lower pictures show some of her different poses. You get to build a straight forward picture, 2 walking poses, 2 different attacks, and a “hurray” pose.