More Halloween Prep

We hit the Halloween store today to pick up decorations and extra costume stuff. Somehow, we managed to get out spending only about $30 on stuff the kids picked. Most of that was spent on fake blood, weapons, black hair spray, spider web, and creepy bats and skeletons.

When we got home, we each readied our costumes to figure out if we were missing anything important. My son wanted a sheath for his sword. We found a great DIY tutorial on how to make one out of paper and duct tape and in no time, it was ready. Both kids decorated it with stick on gems to perfect the look. It is now part of my son’s forest thief costume. My daughter is going to be a vampire, I am going to be a witch, and J is set to be a gorilla.

After the costumes were settled, we decorated the front porch with spider webs and then made a skeleton pirate out of old costume parts. He will sit outside with a bowl of candy.

The kids thought it was awesome that we made our own decorations so easily!


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