Halloween Tween Night

My daughter has been enjoying “Tween Night” out here since she turned 8 in June. Tonight she got to go in her costume for a Halloween themed night. Halloween songs ruled the night. She danced, got her nails done, and she came home with some cute trinkets. Here is a picture of her ready to go… We sprayed her hair black for the night.

Her costume was originally a vampire complete with blood dripping from her mouth, but YMCA rules forbid weapons, scary masks, and blood.

For the night, she was a “dark princess”.


My son got an early birthday present from his grandparents today, a card game called “Munchkin”.

It is a silly dungeon crawl game with interesting powers, monsters, and weapons.

He won the first game and we are looking forward to playing again.

To follow up on our polymer clay craziness, we are making creepy level counters!

Mad Lips

A few months ago I dreamed up an app that would put your lips onto a picture and let you record your voice while the lips moved. No, it wasn’t an original idea. Annoying Orange and some insurance ad had already gone there. Talking Tom and other apps let you record yourself while their animals “spoke” for you. I still thought kids would dig being able to make their own. And now some folks have made it!

Enter Mad Lips, another free app!
Fun, fun, fun.
Easy, silly, fun.
Try it.