Halloween Tween Night

My daughter has been enjoying “Tween Night” out here since she turned 8 in June. Tonight she got to go in her costume for a Halloween themed night. Halloween songs ruled the night. She danced, got her nails done, and she came home with some cute trinkets. Here is a picture of her ready to go… We sprayed her hair black for the night.

Her costume was originally a vampire complete with blood dripping from her mouth, but YMCA rules forbid weapons, scary masks, and blood.

For the night, she was a “dark princess”.


My son got an early birthday present from his grandparents today, a card game called “Munchkin”.

It is a silly dungeon crawl game with interesting powers, monsters, and weapons.

He won the first game and we are looking forward to playing again.

To follow up on our polymer clay craziness, we are making creepy level counters!

Mad Lips

A few months ago I dreamed up an app that would put your lips onto a picture and let you record your voice while the lips moved. No, it wasn’t an original idea. Annoying Orange and some insurance ad had already gone there. Talking Tom and other apps let you record yourself while their animals “spoke” for you. I still thought kids would dig being able to make their own. And now some folks have made it!

Enter Mad Lips, another free app!
Fun, fun, fun.
Easy, silly, fun.
Try it.

Milk Carton Luminaries

Moving along with our recycling/decorating efforts, I cut silhouettes out of milk cartons to make luminaries. My daughter picked out the images online and I cut them out using good pointy scissors. The instructions I found suggested using an exacto knife. After the first cut, I knew that was crazy and would lead to a ruined project, bloodletting, or both.

I need to test them out in the dark to see if I care enough to paint them too.

ETA: I did paint them. The cow jumping over the cat bugged me, lol.

Recycled Halloween Crafts

After being warned by the neighbor that our model spiders might get taken from outside, I decided it might be best to bring them inside. While trying to think up something to replace them with, I remembered a craft from when I was a kid- egg carton spiders!

My son and I made up a few with an egg carton, hole punch, pipe cleaners, and some paint.

Next up is luminaries made from our empty milk cartons!

More Halloween Prep

We hit the Halloween store today to pick up decorations and extra costume stuff. Somehow, we managed to get out spending only about $30 on stuff the kids picked. Most of that was spent on fake blood, weapons, black hair spray, spider web, and creepy bats and skeletons.

When we got home, we each readied our costumes to figure out if we were missing anything important. My son wanted a sheath for his sword. We found a great DIY tutorial on how to make one out of paper and duct tape and in no time, it was ready. Both kids decorated it with stick on gems to perfect the look. It is now part of my son’s forest thief costume. My daughter is going to be a vampire, I am going to be a witch, and J is set to be a gorilla.

After the costumes were settled, we decorated the front porch with spider webs and then made a skeleton pirate out of old costume parts. He will sit outside with a bowl of candy.

The kids thought it was awesome that we made our own decorations so easily!

River Monsters

My son has been taken with this show lately and with all the episodes on Netflix, it is easy to watch together. The fisherman is amazing and travels all over the globe searching for huge fish and often looking into mysteries or fables.

This show is great in so many ways. It shows native people in each location, tells the history or stories surrounding each fish, and then follows him as he catches each specimen.

The biggest impact story this week was the Pacu. It is a vegetarian fish that looks similar the piranha. Groups hoping to help the native population have more food took the fish from South America and introduced them in Papua New Guinea. Unfortunately the fish adapted too well. They over-ate the vegetation and then became omnivores, killing other fish and attacking humans.

My son clearly got the point and we talked about the dangers of putting animals and plants where they are not native.

Tonight I checked out the website.
Lots of good stuff!

Boy’s Doll

My son had the idea to make voodoo dolls for Halloween decorations and drew one he thought I could make. After I started sewing it though, he said it was too cute and he could never stab it. He also asked me to change the mouth because he thought it looked sad. Then he declared it would just be a regular doll for him because he wanted to prove the neighbor wrong.

She said boys can’t have dolls.

Anyway, he is finished and my son loves him. His name is Mojo, for good luck.

Polymer Clay

The kids and I played with polymer clay today. We started off making beads, exploring the clay tools, and building cute animals. Then we got into the Halloween theme and began making eyeballs, skulls, fingers and more. We had a great time singing to Pandora radio and hanging out creating together.

I also used a little bit of extra clay to repair one of me son’s guys from the last time we used clay.