More Dweebies

My daughter and her friend have been playing “Dweebies” together. Last night they decided to draw some of their own Dweebies characters so we could enter them in a contest to be put up on the official website. This morning, it turned into an interest in making their own cards, so I pulled out paper and cut it up into the right sizes.

The neighbor had to go home at this point, but my daughter took off with the idea. I even joined her to make 2 cards.

In the picture of our cards, the top ones are our original Dweebies. The lower ones are my daughter’s copies of the game’s Dweebies. The other 2 photos are of the drawings that started it all.

Scratch Returns

We finally got around to putting “Scratch” back on the computer. My son immediately started drawing different Kirby characters. These ones are: Magic Kirby who shoots pigeons and cards and has a wobbly balloon clown that comes out of his hat, Fire Kirby with the dragon’s fire breath, Spark Kirby who can charge up and shoot powerful attacks, Hammer Kirby who can smash things, Sword Kirby who can slash enemies to death, Ice Kirby who can freeze guys, Bomb Kirby who can throw bombs, Smash Kirby from the Super Smash Brothers games, Diver Kirby who can go underwater, Mic Kirby who unleashes his bad, creative singing, and finally Crash Kirby.

More are on the way.

Lego Island

My daughter and the neighbor holed up with Legos for a few hours and created this island. There are different individual rooms… 1 for the girl, 1 for the boy, and 1 for the monkey named “Oo”. The girl has a collection of heads and hair to pick from. She also has fruits and vegetables. The boy has weapons, armor, and meat. They each have a horse. The monkey has apple trees in his back yard to grow fruit for the girl. He also has a spit to cook the food. There are 2 boats at the dock and 1 holding the meat.