EGE poem and coupons

The kids had the idea to make coupons so people could buy EGE merchandise at a discount. The girls drew these cards and I am in the process of scanning and printing them to business card size.

My kids also holed up in the new EGE fort made out of sheets in my son’s room and wrote this poem. I like it.

Lastly, here is the money shot (literally) , lol.


I recently purchased a Zometool set for the kids to explore. The whole family has been playing with it and making cool creations. J. couldn’t resist building crystal structures. The kids and I tried out some of the “challenge” cards that came with it and made free-form sculptures.


The kids have formed a club with the neighbors called EGE, for Emmas, Gwen, and elephants. That are making a space in the backyard to host fun activities for the neighbor kids like reading and craft days and learning about elephants. They have been creating signs and making decorated rocks to sell. They will also be looking for donations.