Lego Ice Cream Shop

My daughter has been working on an ice cream shop made out of Legos for the past few days. It started off with her sorting out all the single studs for scoops of ice cream. Then she added cones, bowls, and cups. Her Lego animals got to try some first.



Then my son’s Lego guys came and took off their weapons to sit and have some.



And from there, it took off and she made toppings, a place for people to sit, and more.



Her most recent addition is a drink machine with all different colors of drink buttons.


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  1. That’s great! It’s inspired me to go get the lego and make something similar with my lot. I actually wanted to contact you through the Growing Free website, but there doesn’t seem to be any contact information there – I just wanted to plug my site, as I rekon it would fit in well with your other links. It’s a cute site aimed at toddlers and preschoolers, and its just a little bit different – if you do get a chanve to check it out do let me know what you think, thanks

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