The quilts are done (enough)

Enough to gift, that is…

Every birthday and Christmas I make a present for each of my kids. Usually they do not know what it will be, but this year I made what they asked me for- quilts for their beds. Being such large items and knowing how I am, I did not try for secrecy! Instead I asked the kids to collaborate with me by picking out the fabrics they wanted for the sashing and setting squares. They also went through my stash of 4″ “I Spy” fabric squares and selected photos of their friends and family members to be printed onto fabric for special squares throughout the quilts.

I used this tutorial from Obsessively Stitching to make a disappearing nine-patch quilt for each kid, but in order to get the sizes they wanted, I used 180 picture squares on each one. The final quilts were just over 60″ X 75″.

I skipped adding a border and due to my fear of binding (and lack of remaining time before Christmas), I sewed them together pillowcase-style and called it a day so we could actually enjoy each other on Christmas Eve. I will finish them up sometime soon, but for now- this is where I got 🙂

Here is my daughter’s quilt:

And a close-up of some of the squares while I was laying them out:

Here is my son’s quilt top about to be layered with the batting and backing.


And a close-up of some of his squares while planning the layout:


The kids love them and wanted to sleep on them in front of the tree.




  1. Wow!!! They look great! I never would have thought to use the disappearing nine patch to make sashing. So cool! I love that you included pictures too. I’m guessing you run special fabric through your printer. How do they hold up in the wash? I may have to make one of these for Abby.

    • Thanks! I am happy with them 🙂

      I did buy special photo fabric for the pictures and printed them on an Epson ink jet printer(theoretically their ink is best for quilts). I used them in a quilt I made for a friend and it looked good after washing. I imagine the pictures will fade over time as that is the way of things, but I wanted to use them anyway…

      I haven’t washed these ones yet as I have to actually tie them or quilt them. Fingers crossed.

      The disappearing 9-patch was brilliant for this (by the way). So glad I read the tutorial!

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