Last minute gift wrap

In addition to the quilts, I officially gave each of our kids a present from J. and me. For our daughter, it was a real gold heart locket with pictures of our family inside. For our son, it was a collection of figurines from the “Super Mario” and “Kirby” video games. I couldn’t quite decide how to wrap the figurines though and time was running out.

Finally, I decided on something. And so, while our kids watched Christmas movies with J., I whipped up one more thing- a question mark box to store and carry the figurines.

A leftover Amazon box was cut and quickly duct-taped into shape and covered with pieces of yellow file folders. Then I added printed out question mark block images with glue stick and used packing tape to seal it all together. A piece of orange binding made for a great handle.


Update- He loved it and practiced boinging his head onto it for kicks, LOL.


The “Kirby” figurines:

Picture of the “Mario” figurines to come…


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