Silly Bandz Math

My daughter is currently quite taken with Silly Bandz. For those not following kid fads, they are rubber bands shaped like animals, shapes, letters, etc. Kids wear ’em like bracelets and rings and trade them. My daughter had been getting her friends cast offs for awhile and enjoying sorting them into piles by color, by theme, by size, etc.

This morning she came to me and said “hey mom, 7+7 is 14, right?” When I said “yes” and asked her why, she showed me her Silly Bandz. She had 7 on each arm. Then she said that she had 10 rings, so she had 24 in all. This type of stuff continuned through the day as she lost one at the playground and traded one to her brother for a plastic snake.


Not to be stuck near 24, she took the tooth fairy money that was burning a hole in her pocket to the toystore tonight and bought 2 packs of her very own Silly Bandz. Not sure how she did it, but somehow she scored 2 packs for the price of 1 as well, so she has money left over.

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