Lego Quest

One of our friends recently told us about a Lego blog for homeschoolers:
This blog is written by a homeschooling mom who sets up “challenge” categories for kids to work on and then she posts pictures and commentary about their creations.

When we found it, there was still a day left for submissions on the current topic- Lego Playgrounds! Our kids decided to get right to it and dumped out the Legos to find the pieces they wanted.


This led to my daughter finally mixing her Legos in with the rest of our collection 🙂 The kids then decided to build one combined playground incorporating some ideas from each of them.



My son’s description:
“This playground has Harry Potter on the monkey bars, a slide, a rock wall, Indiana Jones and a few more guys on the benches, a bird in a birdbath, a place for motorcycles to be parked, and a merry-go-round. Indiana Jones has a gun in his hand. Don’t forget that there is a little froggy on the balance beam.”


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