More Science With Vinegar

My daughter and I peeled a bunch of hard boiled eggs today. While we were at it, somehow the topic of other things you can do with eggs came up. We decided to save 2 of the eggs unpeeled to try out a vinegar experiment that I did when I was a kid.

Vinegar is truly wonderful stuff. We have used it to check samples of rocks for calcium carbonate (it bubbles and dissolves it), we have exploded baggies full of vinegar and baking soda, we have used it to dye Easter eggs, we have used it with salt to clean pennies and with aluminum foil to clean silver jewelry, and more.

Today, we are using it to dissolve the eggs’ shells and make the eggs rubbery and bouncy. The experiment is very simple. All you do is submerge the hardboiled eggs in vinegar and let them rest for a bunch of hours. We kept an eye on ours and were rewarded first with bubbles coating the surface of the eggs, then with the eggs rolling and dancing on their own, and finally with a layer of white stuff floating on the surface of the vinegar. They are almost ready to take out…




While we were watching the eggs, we decided to do another simple experiment with vinegar. This time, we added some food coloring (for looks) to a glass of vinegar, tossed in a few raisins and then carefully added small amounts of baking soda. The bubbles from the mixture formed around the raisins causing them to rise up to the surface. As the bubbles popped, the raisins sank back down to the bottom where they gathered up more bubbles and rose again. It was pretty fun to watch!





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