I Spy Beanbags

I received all my lovely I-Spy fabrics from the trade I was in! The kids are excited for me to start on their quilts πŸ™‚

I did decide to do one smaller project first…a gift for my niece and nephew.

My kids love our beanbags for games and battles and I thought I would add a little to these by making them alphabet AND I-Spy.

I printed the letters of the alphabet onto neutral fabrics using fabric dye. Then I paired them with an I-Spy fabric for that letter and sewed them up! They have rice filling because I like the way it feels. Here they are:








There are 13 pairs of colors.

A carrying bag is in the works, but I am waiting on snap pliers because both my husband and my daughter are insisting that that a snap for closure is the right finishing touch. (And I really don’t mind projects that are a great excuse to buy a new tool)

ETA: I finished the carrying bag and funny enough, it looked better without the snap…



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