More Socks!

We recently had a new “Hobby Lobby” open in a nearby town and I was itching to go look at their yarn. So today, the kids and I had a great afternoon together hitting a “Steak and Shake” on the way and then checking it out. My daughter picked out some yarn for socks for her and I bought 2 skeins, thinking I might make a pair for me and a pair for her.

I started with mine.
I am using the pattern “Easy Does It” from the book “Crocheted Socks! 16 Fun to Stitch Patterns”. The pattern is pretty simple and I learned how to do a new stitch, which I love. It is a foundation dc, which makes chaining unecessary! It is also nice and stretchy, which is good as these are top-down socks 🙂

I had some trouble at one point as there was a knot in the yarn and it took several rows in each sock before I realize that the pattern had reversed in the sock with the knotted yarn. They had tied on a new yarn with the stipes going in the other direction! I decided to rip it back, re-roll the yarn, and try to match up the stripe pattern so the socks would match. Let’s just say that I wasn’t very happy with the yarn company! After that, it was pretty smooth sailing. This is the first time I tried a flap heel, so that was kinda neat. The instructions for after the heel were not written correctly, but that was easy enough to figure out, so I assumed what should have been written and they have been looking good. I am almost to the point where I can start decreasing for the toes 🙂




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