Some Assembly Required

The other thing my daughter really, really, really wanted for her birthday was a large Lego set. She spends hours playing with Legos and was so excited checking out the sets on the Lego website. She seemed to like this medieval village set the best and I thought there would be lots of fun pieces for future use. Beyond the two buildings which open and close and have 2 levels inside, there are oxen, a cart, a horse, a frog, a food stand, apples, carrots, birds, a tree, fish, flowers, weapons, a treasure chest full of gold and jewels, lots of minifigs, and more!

J. and I have been getting up early to get the main buildings put together to give her on her birthday. She likes building the smaller stuff, but has no patience for the finicky bits! Good thing we did it in advance because almost every other piece of the buildings was either a single or double stud piece due to the intricate design.


Pictures from her birthday morning are here!
She has been playing with the Lego set for 3 hours already!


No- the stuffed fox isn’t new…Jacob gave it to her to sleep with last night and she brought it out to help unwrap stuff.






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