Ghostbusters Dice

My son and I made our own version of a game called “Zombie Dice

He didn’t want to play it with zombies and brains, so it turned into ghosts and laser guns that capture them (and boots instead of footprints), LOL…

And I am cheap, so we put sticky labels on dice and I drew the pictures.


We have played a few times and it went well.
If you want to make your own version, there are:
6 green dice (3 laser guns, 2 boots, 1 ghost)
4 yellow dice (2 of each symbol)
3 red dice (3 ghosts, 2 boots, 1 laser gun)

Obviously your odds of rolling something good are higher with the green dice, then the yellow, then the red.

Science Fun with Friends

Today we went over to our friends’ house to play and do some science experiments with all of the kids.

I made a video to capture some of the fun 🙂
The first experiment was the famous Mentos and Diet Coke geyser. It is pretty self-explanatory- you drop a whole ton of Mentos into a 2 liter of Diet Pop and watch the explosion. Reading up on the history of it, folks used to use wintergreen lifesavers until the company made them bigger. Then they would not fit in the bottle anymore, thus the switch to Mentos.

The second experiment is the popping sandwich bag. A small packet of baking soda wrapped in a bit of napkin is tossed into a bag of warm water and vinegar and then shaken until it explodes and froths all over. The girls really liked this one and each did it a second time. The bags popped really fast before we could even set them down!

The third experiment was pouring some salt on top of a string that was on top of some ice cubes. The salt melted the ice enough for it to refreeze around the string. The kids could pick the ice cubes up by the string. A few also taste-tested the salty ice, LOL.

The last experiment was checking for iron in fortified cereal. The kids smooshed up chex in baggies and then passed a magnet through the crumbs. It doesn’t show up well in the video, but little bits of iron/cereal dust did stick to the magnet.

These were all pretty fast and easy to do.

Neat Magnetic Find

The kids have been playing with Magnetix lately and today I saw my son playing with them and what appeared at first glance to be a penny, yet the coin was sticking! I thought it might be an old penny (?) and picked it up to check it out. Then I noticed the aardvark…

I remembered that a bunch of coins came with a book we got from the thriftstore called “Earthsearch”.

Sure enough, on the back cover we found this:

Our coin turned out to be a Zambian 1 Ngwee coin.

I decided to check some of our other coins with a magnet as well and found that some of our Mexican coins and a few other country’s coins also had iron in them.



Couch Cushions Are Finally Done

A local family gave us a couch and table for our front porch almost 2 years ago. I always planned on repainting them and making new cushions for the couch…I am finally partway there, LOL. The paint is still in the garage.

After searching online for replacement cushions, I was shocked at how expensive they were. I was sure I could make some for less. I got a book from the library on sewing outdoor furniture stuff and went to JoAnn’s for fabric with a 50% off coupon.

I started out with a plan for fancy piped edges and a zipper. Then I lost the zipper. Then after doing the piping on 2 pieces decided to lose the piping as well. These are super simple and not the prettiest, but they are done!



Maybe I will use the piping for some pillows. Maybe.