Geocaching at Plum Creek- 2 out of 3

Today’s geocache fun was at Plum Creek. I picked this park in the Medina Park system because there were 3 caches large enough to hold trinkets, a stocked fish pond, trails, and a playground.

Things started off a bit rocky as we were following a clue for the second cache while we were looking for the first cache. Luckily, my friend’s sharp eyes picked out the container anyway.

We spotted a duck at one point while searching.

Looking through the cache:

After finding that one, we walked around the pond, stopped at the playground for a bit, and had some snacks. My daughter and her friend were having so much fun on the swings while my son was getting antsy, that we split up. I went off searching for the next cache with him while they stayed and played for a while.




It wasn’t hard to find the second cache, but the walk was way longer than we expected when we entered the woods. The GPS said 800 ft., but the path kept twisting and turning back, so we really walked almost a mile to it.



On the way, we found this awesome hollow tree 🙂


We tried for a few minutes to see if we could locate the third cache but gave up after we could see still more path twistiness and headed back to the others to give them a turn to search.

While they searched, my son and I hung out and he drew in his notebook and told me about his older drawings.

We stayed for a bit longer after the others came back until it was chilly and getting late.




We saw this hive in a tree.


The girls ran back to us with fossils!




Finding 2 out of 3 caches isn’t bad, but we will probably come back to this park again to see if we can find the third.

Red Lobster appeared on the menu for dinner.


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