T-Shirt Take #1 and Supercheetah

I decided to try my hand at sewing a t-shirt for myself today after scouring the internet for what folks considered a “good” pattern fit-wise. I wound up with 2 Simplicity “New Look” patterns. I took all my measurements and discovered why off the rack clothes fit me so poorly…I am one size on top, up a size in the middle, and up yet another size at the bottom. Boo!

I carefully drew and cut out paper pattern pieces that the directions assured me would fit when sewn together. One of my old oversized shirts got sacrificed for the cause. I thought I would be able to make a new shirt that would fit from one oversized older shirt. Really- I need 2, considering the way the pattern goes together. J. kindly threw one of his shirts into the mix for me.

Goodness gracious- sewing a t-shirt is kinda tricky, especially the darn sleeves. That isn’t even mentioning the collar that I accidentally sewed inside out!

Luckily I kept some of my sense of humor thanks to my daughter, a.k.a. Supercheetah. She dressed herself up in a cape made from the back of one of the shirts and ran around at top speed.

Here are pictures of her (as there will be no pictures of my sorry shirt here):




Yes- This cheetah has a nasty gum habit.

I will try again, perhaps taking breaks between steps to gain clarity. I will also be haunting the thrift stores for some XXL shirts to see if they have enough fabric for my bod.


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