Science Friday

One of our friends who swims with us on Fridays often comes over beforehand and the kids play and have lunch here. Today, we did some science experiments too.

First up was balloons. While getting everything ready, the kids let the balloons fly around the room and tried to stick them to the wall using static.




Then each kid got a balloon to test out with a pin and some tape after we popped a spare one with a pin. The idea was to see what would happen if you put tape on the balloon before poking it with a pin. The loud bang of our control balloon dissuaded some from trying, but we did get the pin into a few. Tip for those trying this experiment- don’t use Duct Tape. Scotch Tape worked much better. With the Scotch Taped balloon, not only did the pin go in, but it came out without a bang and the balloon slowly deflated letting the kids pass it around and hear and feel it.


Next up was trying to figure out how to lift a book off the table using air. The kids came up with ideas ranging from paper fans to the balloon pump to an inflated balloon underneath. The balloon came closest to the intended solution which was to put an UNinflated balloon under the book and then blow it up, lifting the book.


Our last experiment was for each kid to cut a shape from a plastic bag and create a parachute for a little bear. My son cut the weirdest shape, yet it still functioned when he threw it outside. In fact- All of the parachutes opened!







After the parachuting, we rushed off to swimming where the kids learned how to play “Monkey in the Middle” with a beach ball…


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