Kirby Love and other Distractions

While my daughter was making more Kaleidodraw creations, my son was playing the GameCube version of Kirby Air Ride. For those who haven’t played, it is a racing game where you can gain powers from your enemies and must avoid obstacles while trying to get the best time and earn trophies for different skills.





When he was finished playing, he decided to invent his own game called Kirby Air Ride 2. He drew maps for the different levels and then created obstacle courses around the house to recreate them. He hid trophies and then he and I raced to complete the courses. I must say, I did pretty well, LOL.



During one of his planning sessions, which mostly consisted of him walking back and forth on the front porch detailing all the enemies and obstacles he would use, he spied a firefly. We have never noticed one during the day before so we snapped a picture.




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