Finally Got Out Our Scanner

My daughter has been asking me to make a copy of a picture of our oldest cat and her brother when they were kittens. She wanted a copy for a friend of hers and has been pretty patient about me finding time to get out the scanner and set it all up. Today I finally got it out and installed all the software on my current computer and then, since I already had it set up, I decided to continue scanning and tackle some of those little things I thought I would eventually get to.

I was able to get lots scanned over the course of the day, including lots of fun games from a few books we own:

Family Math

Polyhedra Dice Games

Make Your Own Games Workshop

My daughter and I tried out a few of them to her great delight (as she beat me almost every game)!

These 2 are from the “Polyhedra Dice Games” book.

“QUADS” is basically “BINGO” using dice. You roll two icosahedra dice (values from 0-9), add them up, and call out the number. Each player covers their boards as the numbers are called and matched up. The first player to get 4 in a row wins. We must have played this one 5 or 6 times.



Then we played a game called “Egghead” where you move around the board by rolling 2 six-sided dice. If the sum is in the next “egg”, you get to move. Otherwise, you pass the dice to the next player. First one to the final “egghead” is the winner.


These games are nice because they are really easy to learn and short so they can be replayed a bunch if winning matters.

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