Geocaching at Plum Creek- 2 out of 3

Today’s geocache fun was at Plum Creek. I picked this park in the Medina Park system because there were 3 caches large enough to hold trinkets, a stocked fish pond, trails, and a playground.

Things started off a bit rocky as we were following a clue for the second cache while we were looking for the first cache. Luckily, my friend’s sharp eyes picked out the container anyway.

We spotted a duck at one point while searching.

Looking through the cache:

After finding that one, we walked around the pond, stopped at the playground for a bit, and had some snacks. My daughter and her friend were having so much fun on the swings while my son was getting antsy, that we split up. I went off searching for the next cache with him while they stayed and played for a while.




It wasn’t hard to find the second cache, but the walk was way longer than we expected when we entered the woods. The GPS said 800 ft., but the path kept twisting and turning back, so we really walked almost a mile to it.



On the way, we found this awesome hollow tree 🙂


We tried for a few minutes to see if we could locate the third cache but gave up after we could see still more path twistiness and headed back to the others to give them a turn to search.

While they searched, my son and I hung out and he drew in his notebook and told me about his older drawings.

We stayed for a bit longer after the others came back until it was chilly and getting late.




We saw this hive in a tree.


The girls ran back to us with fossils!




Finding 2 out of 3 caches isn’t bad, but we will probably come back to this park again to see if we can find the third.

Red Lobster appeared on the menu for dinner.

Toy From the Random Parts Bin

My daughter really wanted to go to a store to buy a new toy tonight. I was beyond not in the mood for that and was beginning to miss the days back when the kids didn’t want store-bought toys. I suggested she get out our bin of parts and make a toy.

She wasn’t sure about the idea until I dumped it out. Suddenly she and her brother were sorting and playing with little input from me or J.

My daughter decided to make a mobile from some bits and pieces of things that fly. Airplanes, a butterfly, and a bee made the final cut. I helped her put it together with an old ribbon spool and some string. Here it is hanging rom her bunk:


Whiteboard Drawings

Most recently on our whiteboards…

My daughter drew this one. She said the water was coming up by the road like in the movie “Ponyo”.


My son added more content to some magnet sentences I put up. I was sure he would end the story with the shark eating the person. Nope. They become friends. They are sitting at the table together. The man is eating peas and the shark is eating fish.




I love the motor on the boat and the flag and the fact that the shark is in a tank at the table…

T-Shirt Take #1 and Supercheetah

I decided to try my hand at sewing a t-shirt for myself today after scouring the internet for what folks considered a “good” pattern fit-wise. I wound up with 2 Simplicity “New Look” patterns. I took all my measurements and discovered why off the rack clothes fit me so poorly…I am one size on top, up a size in the middle, and up yet another size at the bottom. Boo!

I carefully drew and cut out paper pattern pieces that the directions assured me would fit when sewn together. One of my old oversized shirts got sacrificed for the cause. I thought I would be able to make a new shirt that would fit from one oversized older shirt. Really- I need 2, considering the way the pattern goes together. J. kindly threw one of his shirts into the mix for me.

Goodness gracious- sewing a t-shirt is kinda tricky, especially the darn sleeves. That isn’t even mentioning the collar that I accidentally sewed inside out!

Luckily I kept some of my sense of humor thanks to my daughter, a.k.a. Supercheetah. She dressed herself up in a cape made from the back of one of the shirts and ran around at top speed.

Here are pictures of her (as there will be no pictures of my sorry shirt here):




Yes- This cheetah has a nasty gum habit.

I will try again, perhaps taking breaks between steps to gain clarity. I will also be haunting the thrift stores for some XXL shirts to see if they have enough fabric for my bod.

Carnival Time Again

My daughter decided to make a carnival in the house again after sticking more balloons to the wall with her static cling hair, LOL. She created some pin darts to throw at them, which unfortunately bounced off our balloons instead of popping them.


She also set up a bean bag toss, a throw-the-markers-at-a-waterbottle game, and a find the correct egg game.




After a while, my son joined in and set up a prize jar.

Science Friday

One of our friends who swims with us on Fridays often comes over beforehand and the kids play and have lunch here. Today, we did some science experiments too.

First up was balloons. While getting everything ready, the kids let the balloons fly around the room and tried to stick them to the wall using static.




Then each kid got a balloon to test out with a pin and some tape after we popped a spare one with a pin. The idea was to see what would happen if you put tape on the balloon before poking it with a pin. The loud bang of our control balloon dissuaded some from trying, but we did get the pin into a few. Tip for those trying this experiment- don’t use Duct Tape. Scotch Tape worked much better. With the Scotch Taped balloon, not only did the pin go in, but it came out without a bang and the balloon slowly deflated letting the kids pass it around and hear and feel it.


Next up was trying to figure out how to lift a book off the table using air. The kids came up with ideas ranging from paper fans to the balloon pump to an inflated balloon underneath. The balloon came closest to the intended solution which was to put an UNinflated balloon under the book and then blow it up, lifting the book.


Our last experiment was for each kid to cut a shape from a plastic bag and create a parachute for a little bear. My son cut the weirdest shape, yet it still functioned when he threw it outside. In fact- All of the parachutes opened!







After the parachuting, we rushed off to swimming where the kids learned how to play “Monkey in the Middle” with a beach ball…