Volcano Kit

Today is the first day of our Kalahari trip for this year!

So, what did we do to get everything packed in the car quickly? Got out a kit and built a volcano, of course!

Not great logic on this one, but the kids wanted to use the kit from my son’s birthday and were super excited. I had seen the plaster packet in the kit and thought it was going to be a “make a volcano out of plaster, then use baking soda and vinegar” type of project. It was actually much cooler than that! After getting the base set up, we mixed the plaster with baking powder and water and let it bubble out of a straw contraption, creating a lava flow over the styrofoam mold. The idea behind the kit is to show how repeated flows build up to create land. There is enough plaster included to try it out a bunch of times, but today we just did it once and set it aside to dry…

February2010 013.jpg

February2010 014.jpg

February2010 015.jpg

February2010 017.jpg

February2010 019.jpg


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