Finally, Craftiness Strikes Again

I have been skulking about the house looking at half finished projects this week, not knowing what to work on. I decided to ignore them all and take a hot bath with my new book- One-Yard Wonders: 101 Sewing Fabric Projects; Look How Much You Can Make with Just One Yard of Fabric!.


This book has been on my wish list and I was looking forward to getting it. One of the homeschooling moms we know even has a pattern published in it! I finally bought a copy with the Amazon gift cert.’s I got from December’s spending binge. I am so glad I did. I love this book!

Not only did I learn a few new things, like how to do a blindstitch to close seams, I also got inspired to actually get out my machine and sew (and use some of the fabric that lurks under my bed).

Today, I finished up more heating pads that were waiting to be done and made some brand new ones with my daughter.








Playtime, Swimming, and a Sleepover

We had a busy day today!
We started off with friends coming to play at the house before swimming. The girls helped me make vanilla ice cream to use for floats and then played with the swing and Legos a bit.



Then we headed to swimming at our local pool. We had four families today and had a lot of fun.






After swimming we had folks back over to our house for playtime and ended up having one of the boys stay for a sleepover. It was a really busy, nice day 🙂



Our First Geocache

After gymnastics today, we found our first geocache!

It was located on a train car which just happens to be on the same road as the gym. We have driven past it and wondered about it before. Today, we got to see it up close. Oh my gosh, trains have a lot of nooks and crannies underneath them. It was interesting to see everything from a different angle.

We found the cache after a bit of looking and signed the log book with the names the kids picked on the fly. My daughter chose Silver Heart and my son chose Gold Blade. It was fun and easy and there are tons of caches around the area, so we are looking forward to finding more.

For anyone interested in trying it out, check out

We didn’t need our GPS for this find, but if people are wondering what model we have, we have the Apisphere Geomate Jr Handheld GPS Geocacher.



After working for over half an hour to detangle my daughter’s hair today, she decided that we would both be better off if she had shorter hair. She showed me what I thought was an extremely short length that she wanted. I cut it close to what she asked for and we both really like it. It should be much easier to take care of!

Here is an action shot… I caught her while she was singing to Rock Band.


Shawl in Progress

I have been casting about lately, having a hard time picking projects to work on and not wanting to finish any old ones. As I was sitting around chilly the other morning, I decided I wanted to make a project for me- a shawl. I had a few skeins of yarn around that I thought would be a good match for the project- the “Cozy Comfort Prayer Shawl”.

I have made a ton of progress on it so far and I love the pattern! It is a simple repeat and it works up very quickly. I am going to add more to each end, as I want it to be longer than it is.


We Found Them!

Our Pokemon cards and bags, that is 🙂

We discovered they were missing on the way to a friend’s birthday party awhile back and I just couldn’t figure out where they were. I called my dad and one of the moms we hang out with asking if we had somehow left them at their homes. I searched the house over and over, wondering aloud how they could possibly be missing in a house the size of ours which had been recently cleaned. In the end, I gave up.

Then, today, it occured to me that we HAD taken the decks to those houses. And that I had probably packed them for the way home. (You see, I generally tote loads of snacks, craft stuff, etc. with us and wind up doing most of the carrying to and from the car) I thought a bit about how I had been carrying stuff and remembered my milk crate full of wool felt and crochet stuff I had been using while making holiday gifts. I opened the cabinet where it was stashed and sure enough- there they were! Right in amongst the felt and a crocheted bag I had forgotten I was ever working on. Of course! Why wouldn’t they be?

Now we are back in business…



Drawing and Swimming

Today, we had friends over before swimming. The boys took to gaming mostly and the girls took to stuffed animals and drawing. Today, they pulled out the stencils and went to town.


Here are some of my daughter’s:









We had 4 families for swimming today and everyone had a good time. Hopefully one of the moms isn’t too sore as she was throwing the girls up high into the air repeatedly!