LOVE Rocks!

My daughter has been getting in the giving spirit and making pictures and books and shells and stuff for us.

Last night she made these.



Of course all of us were all gushy and appreciative, even if we did mock J. a little for getting the bumpy rock. Only later did I notice (and only because my daughter pointed it out) that she spelled “love” correctly. She said she had noticed it and decided to spell it “like everyone else” now.

She spelled it that way today too. Here is today’s book.

(The Girl’s Day Love Emma To Mom)

(It’s Day.)

(Humming while she plays)

(Oh No! It’s Late!)

I have had many discussions with other homeschoolers about invented spellings vs. making sure they only spell correctly each time “so it sticks”. I have to say, I would do it this way all over again! She is not afraid to write. She doesn’t call me into the room to ask how to spell stuff. She just does it. And it doesn’t bother her that it isn’t perfect.



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