Ollie’s and Bookmarks

My daughter went with me to Sam’s Club the other night because we are now the proud owners of a full size freezer in the garage (and that of course means- we can buy in bulk!). On the way to Sam’s Club, however, I was tempted by the Ollie’s next door. I have only been in there once before on the advice of my MIL and SIL. It is fantastic for books!

My daughter and I found a bunch of new books and a neat paper doll set for her. For my son, we found a new Garfield book.

He loves it! He loves books in general now. He has been reading like crazy and reading longer books which allow him to use a bookmark when he stops to save his place. He has been using one his cousins made for him at Christmas.



My daughter has taken notice of how much he likes it and decided she would make bookmarks for some of our friends. For some reason she has decided she must make Christmas present this week and is all over coming up with ideas.

She started off with three bookmarks and gave them to me to laminate. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that I had left magnetic backing in the machine, so we now have three magnetic bookmarks, LOL!


She went on to make many more including a giant squid for her brother who wanted his magnetic as well and a bunch of others which got plain plastic coatings…


A special one for me:


Some for a friend who loves weapons:


Here is the paper doll set she got. Instead of tabs for the clothing, they are actually made of vinyl clings (like Colorforms). Hers is a Holly Hobby set.





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