I Love our Library! And Books in General…

Not only do we have one of the best libraries in the country, but as an added bonus we also have some of the nicest library staff. Whenever I go in with the kids, they are excited to hear what we are up to. They also cut me really good deals on books and other materials that are for sale 🙂

Today, there were a bunch of early readers and craft-type books for sale to raise money for the Library Friends. We didn’t have enough time to browse because we had stopped in on the way to the dentist, but they held back some books for me and we went back after the dentist. This is what we found:


I love going there!

Also this month, one of the moms in our homeschooling group opened up the Scholastic Book Club to our group. I adored the Scholastic Catalogs as a kid and thankfully my parents supported me by letting me order from them. Our kids liked looking at the catalogs just as much! Snakes and Sharks and Faries, Oh My! We have just placed our first order and I am looking forward to getting our new books 🙂

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