They seem to be the theme here tonight. We watched a recorded episode of Kratt’s Creatures and it was on the Ethiopian fox. While they were watching, the kids drew pictures. My daughter drew this fox.


As I type, the kids are pretending to be a fox and a rat. The fox (my daughter) is chasing the rat all around as it escapes into a tunnel. Now she is heading to her den.

Updated to add: The show is actually called “Be the Creature”. It is hosted by the Kratt brothers, who also hosted Zoboomafoo for those who remember it (It used to be on PBS). We have recently been watching old episodes of Zoboomafoo on Time Warner’s “Preschool on Demand”.

I just found a website game for “Kratt’s Cratures” on PBS Kids GO.

Coincidentally- because it is on PBS Kids, it uses the same password that we use for EekoWorld, which my son was playing earlier today. He finally earned all of the possible creature parts by answering questions about the environment and other PC stuff 🙂 He started playing it back when he was 4 and today was showing his sister how to play and make creatures.





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