I love Science! And Music!

And happily my kids do too 🙂

Lately we have been listening to the new “They Might Be Giants” album called, what else?, “Here Comes Science“!

The songs are catchy and cover lots of fun topics like the elements, the planets, the color spectrum, and more. (You can see and listen to samples if you click on the above link)

Tucking my son in last night, he asked if we could sing some of them together. Unfortunately without the music playing along with us, we still had a lot of “la…la…hmmm” moments. One song however is particularly short and sweet. It is about shooting stars and is sung in the round on the CD/DVD. At first my kids seemed a bit confused by the singing of multiple phrases over the top of one another. Tonight, my son and I sang it together, still faltering a little due to the newness of the words. Then we tried out “Row, Row, Row, Your Boat” in the round and it worked out perfectly!

2 thumbs up for this CD/DVD!

In addition to the TMBG science last night, we also looked up a bit more on owl pellets. That led us to this website where you can dissect a virtual owl pellet. Of course, we did just that. From there we followed the link to Froguts.com and started a virtual frog dissection.

My son is now asking for a subscription to Froguts and at $30 for the year, we will probably buy it.



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