My Son is 8!

My, how time flies…

He loves, loves , loves having his birthday also be Halloween 🙂

Last night he got an early present from his sister- 2 African Water Frogs with special gravel, bamboo, and rocks for their habitat. She picked out the purple gravel because it is his favorite color.



Today he woke up to presents from J. and I which included the Lego set he has been asking about for months, some Pokemon cards, “Jabba’s Math Game Galaxy” for the PC, and “Sugar” from my last post.



The kids immediately set to work on the Lego set and then took a break for awhile to decorate cupcakes.




Swimming Fail

Swimming at our local pool was supposed to start back up today, but unfortunately when we showed up we learned that the pool’s heater had just broken and been repaired and the pool was only up to about 70 degrees. The other famillies agreed to play at our house instead. Thankfully, the weather cooperated with us and we were able to go on a walk, play on the climbing dome, jump in a leaf pile, and other stuff. I didn’t get any pictures from the walk, but the girls got to explore one of the city’s excavators, sitting inside the cab and inside the shovel.

Back at the house, my daughter brewed potions with a new friend.



Favorite Things

My son was asking me what my favorite Pokemon were tonight. When I started to tell him, he said “Hold On, I am going to make a list” and ran to his room. Then he asked me for a notebook so he could take notes. He wrote very carefully. Then my daughter came in and he made a list of her favorite things- me, J., her brother, Tom, and “bed” because he didn’t have much space left on the line and needed a short word, LOL.


She decided to jump in on the favorites stuff too and made pictures and cards for the rest of us. Here is my pile full of love. Everything came in a big envelope that she wrote our phone number on, so I have covered that bit up.



Monkeys and Bananas

My daughter really wanted to make a new game tonight based on a tiny monkey figurine inside a plastic ball (from a toy vending machine). She decided that bananas should be used for scoring points, dice would be used for moving, and cards would be used for some tricky banana stealing action. J. helped her make the cards and she figured out the rest. When she was ready, we played. I won by 2 bananas!