I am 34

My birthday was also this week and I had a fantastic day despite staying home due to my daughter being sick. She actually started off the celebration 2 days early by making a cake for me almost entirely by herself. She had been asking to make one again because we all loved it the last time she did. She asked me at bedtime and I said she could make one the next day. Of course that meant she had to wake up at 7:30, much earlier than her usual wake up time, ready to bake, LOL…

I didn’t take a picture until a bit late in the game.


She also asked me if she could finish up the heating pad she started and give it to me as a present. We worked on it together and I love it! It got kind of chilly during the week and it felt nice to snuggle up with it.


On my actual birthday, she gave me a necklace she made, a handmade book, and some more of her colored shells, all wrapped up in tissue paper and a gift bag.


My husband and son also showered me with affection. My son woke up early and snuck off with J. to make breakfast for me. I got PB&J, cut up apples, and a waffle in bed, plus a much needed cup of coffee in our “Love” mug (this was all before J. left for work). Then my son gave me a back massage, tucked me back in with a heating pad and his stuffed animals, and then cleared all the dishes. I fell back asleep for 2 hours, it was so cozy.


When I finally woke up, I found some sparkling wine and chocolates from J. and a card that made me cry because it was so sweet.


We did manage to sneak out for a movie on Thursday while my dad and step-mom watched the kids. My daughter swore she was feeling better. They hung out and had a campfire while we saw Harry Potter.


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