Finished My Crocheted Toy Ball

And it sucks (to my eye) 😦

Of course, the kids love it.

I tried to avoid stitching it per the directions because I was being a perfectionist and I wanted each spike to have the same color pattern. So I stitched all the spikes separately and then attempted to sew them together. TWELVE spikes that have pentagon bases are hard to keep track of when the bases don’t really look like pentagons…they basically look like circles. Thus, some of them were stitched more like squares with just a wee bit attatched in that fifth corner.

I did manage to take a picture of it “just so” so that it looks like it came out right.
Photos are nice sometimes 🙂


I don’t think I care about it enough to take out the stitches and try again, but maybe someday I will. The whole project was just meant to be an exercise in “if I could” do it.

UPDATE: Ok, I am anal. I couldn’t help it. I spent the morning taking out the wrong areas and fixing them. Much better 🙂 Now it looks like it is supposed to, which is much more round and ball-like…




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