Playing Website Games on the wii

I have been adding some new links to my website this week- basically looking in my “favorites” folder and then uploading the links to the right web pages.

One of the websites I had bookmarked was Arcademic Skill Builders. It specifically said that you could play the games on the wii by using the internet browser and typing in the web address. I decided to check it out with the kids. They both liked the fact that the games were like arcade games where you could aim and click at the right answers.


After playing around with it for a bit, I wondered if the other game websites the kids use would work well with the wii. Lots of them do! Unfortunately, the wii uses the “Opera” browser which does NOT support Flash games and movies.

I think I may build a page of “wii friendly” games for the kids.

Game Goo:
Building Sentences


Rhymes, Alliteration, and Rhythm

Ant War:


Hoops and Yoyo:



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