Cedar Point Family Day

J.’s mom’s company had their annual family day at Cedar Point on Saturday. This year we took the kids and met up with J.’s mom, brother, sister, sister’s best friend and her mom, and brother’s girlfriend. Quite a crowd!

Here are the kids while we were waiting for everyone to show up. The sun keeps getting in our son’s still sleepy eyes…

We ate on the way there, so while everyone else was eating lunch, J. and our son headed off to the Blue Streak. Our son is over 48″ now so he can ride everything at the park except for 5 rides! When we were done eating we split up and some of us hit the carousel and then went to find them. Perfect timing! They were just about to get on.




The first hill.


He liked it, but did say it was a bit scary…

After that we took turns on the Calypso and I managed to get a picture of Jeremy and his girlfriend.


We headed toward the Gemini and then the kids decided they really wanted to do other stuff, so it was just me and J. and the kids for a bit. We rode the Monster, the Loli Swings, and the Riverboat Ride before grabbing some cotton candy and a rest. The kids both decided they were too old for most of the rides at Camp Snoopy this year, so I hope our daughter grows 2 inches by next summer. 4 would be even better!




The Matterhorn was up next. Then we met up with everyone and headed for the Sky Ride and some food.







They added a new Splash Pad this year. Good thing to know for cooling down.


Shot of the other women.

One more turn on the carousel.

End of day happiness.

We didn’t stay nearly as long as last year, but we were beat by the end of the day!

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