New Tawashi in Progress and a Hat

I decided to go back to making some more tawashi to take a break from the dishcloths I have been working on. Today, I started on these three, two strawberries and a fish 🙂


When I took a break to go online for a bit, there was a post on one of my forums about looking for a crocheter to make a hat. She posted a link to a project on Etsy. I found similar ones on Ravelry and decided to try it out. Here is the finished hat. At least so far…I am waiting to hear if she is ok with the flower. It has 5 petals instead of six, but I liked it, LOL.

This is based on the Lacey Casey hat pattern and a picot flower I found here.


A New Hat For My Daughter

It wasn’t actually meant to be a hat for her, but when she saw me making it and she tried it on, I decided it could be hers after all.

The pattern is unique because it is made from side to side using the Tunisian simple stitch. You work a repeating pattern around and then, in the end, seam it up the back. I used the leftover Homespun from J.’s hat and the owl bag I made.

I am thinking of adding earflaps and edging it in white fluff…