Tunisian Crochet and Double-Ended Hooks

While working on finding out more about Tunisian crochet and looking for patterns for my swap partner, I got interested first in Tunisian (a.k.a. Tricot or Afghan) crochet which you work only on one side and then in double-ended hook crochet, also known as Crochenit or Crochet on the Double which is similar but worked from both sides.

The first thing I made was a pattern called a “Short Row Dishcloth”. I really just wanted to check how difficult the pattern would be because I wanted to include it in the swap. I used the only cotton yarn I had and the only hook I had that was round all the way up the shaft (even though it was smaller than the hook called for- I was just testing it out). I love this pattern! It was easy to learn and worked up fast. It did come out very stiff however due to the small hook I used. I think it will brobably turn it into the bottom of a bag…


Then, I tried out a Crochenit pattern for a dishcloth using the double-ended Crochenit hook and the worsted acrylic I had on hand just to try it out. (Acrylic doesn’t really make for a good dishcloth as it isn’t absorbant) I love the technique and thought it came out a decent thickness when made with the acrylic yarn, but when I finally bought some cotton and tried it out, I felt the fabric was too loose, so I am looking at buying and using a smaller double-ended hook next time.


Now that I have gotten interested (understatement) in these patterns, I bought a bit of cotton yarn. A friend mentioned that she wouldn’t mind trying out a cotton facecloth after I was talking about the pot scrubbers I was making from acrylic and the dishcloths from cotton. I decided to try out the Tunisian “Simple Stitch” and made a square. I wanted to keep working, so I started another Short Row Dishcloth but made it smaller so that it could be used as a facecloth.



I have found so many useful links and so many projects that I am intersted in. I will probably be adding sections on Tunisian Crochet and Double-Ended Crochet to my website when time allows…


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